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Amber NXY

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  • Birthday: Nov 11th
  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Languages: English
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hair Length: Medium
  • Weight: 151lbs
  • Height: 5ft 11in
  • Breasts: LargeA cup
  • Body Type: slender athletic
  • Pubic Hair: Shaved
  • Body Mods: Just earrings
  • Orientation: Pansexual sans FtMs

What I Like

I love going to parks and other beautiful places outside during the summer and seeing what the world has to offer. I love the sky- no matter how bad it gets down here on planet Earth at least we’ve got this beautiful sky above us. Different video games make me go gaga and i love facebook. My favorite music genre is Dance and i love Lady Gaga more than any other performer out there right now. I absolutely adore going to the local club and getting a little loopy with friends.

My Fantasies

Hehe, well fantasies are hard for me to have because i’ve done a /lot/ of stuff. I would say threesome but i’ve done that about a million times. So, i have to say my biggest fantasy is to have four or five guys fuck me for hours till i pass out and i can’t stand up after! I want to feel all my holes filled with a blindfold on so i never know who is inside of me, all i know is that the thing i worship most is in me. Another fantasy has to be having a violet wand used on me. When i used to go to a local ‘alternate items’ store in the mall they had a electro shock game on display you could play- i always played to lose!

My Fetishes

My biggest fetish has to be breathplay. When i’m being strangled right i have the biggest orgasms of my life every time i’m released. I love everything BDSM and am a registered slave in the BDSM community. The thing i love the most is to be ordered to strip then be tied up and flogged for however long my Dominant wants then to be bent over any of a hundred houshold surfaces and fucked till i can’t see straight! My other biggest fetish is wake-up sex. I really like being woken up with a cock in my face ready to jizz down my throat.

Additional Info

My favorite color is pink. My favorite writer is Douglas Adams. I was Christian but survived that. One of my favorite games ever is Dawn of War which I play occasionally. My absolutely fav TV show is Family Guy.

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